EP#21 "les années folles" [Montparnasse 2000] 7' record

"les années folles" Rare french 7'inch record from Montparnasse 2000 Library records.

Face A: the story of Sacco and Vanzetti (Jerry Mengo)

Face B: Montparnasse 1925 (Jerry Mengo, arr. Dave Sucky)

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I'm sure I will have sweet dreams with these.
just figured how to download them ahaha oh technology!

Anonymous said...

hey dj no breakfast! if you go to istanbul you have to visit: taksim/galatasaray there are some 2ndhand vinyl shops, in the near of cicek pasaji, did you have friends there? they can show you...or on the anatolian side, in kadiköy: akmar pasaji...most 2nd hand shops are in places called : sahaflar

i found your page because i'm looking for montparnasse 2000 releases...and then saw your name and the marc aryan picture and remember your comment on my blog...

greetings, d.j.

Dj No Breakfast said...

It's great! thank you so much for your comment, i am currently trying to find places to sleep i have some connection with UNDOMONDO radio show from Istanbul ... maybe you know them...Thanks for the record diggers tips. Priceless !!! We'll try to keep in touch, i will be in Istanbul from 6 to 21 of january. Cheers. my mail doyouspeakenglish [AT] gmail [DOT] com