Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 045 - 2011-05-18 / it aint easy

MVDX 45 2011-05-18 it aint easy

playlist de l'émission du 18-05
-11/ it aint easy

Ana Valentino - on a tropical island
Ray Mc Kinley - similau
Ray Corwin - preachin' talk
The Cookies - in paradise
The Cardinals - choo choo
Big Jay Mc Nelly and Little Sonny Warner - back...shack...track
Betty James - i am a little mixed
Cosmo Muisc by The Carnations - i am a little mixed up
Al Simmons with Slim Green and The Cats from Fresno - old folks boogie
Big Jay Mc Nelly and Little Sonny Warner - psycho serenade
Bo Diddley - pretty things
G. Davy Crockett - look out mable
Big Al Downing - georgia slop
Big Al Downing - i feel good
Cosmo Music by The Carnations - you can't get kissed (when you twist)
Ann Cole - got my mojo working
Ann Cole - i've got a little boy
Barbie Gaye - my boy lollypop
Ann Cole - each day
G. Davy Crockett - did you ever love somebody
Big Maybelle - that's life
Baby Huey and The Babysitters - messin' with the kid
Freddie Mitchell - spanish onions
Roy Corwin - preachin' talk (version 2)

*extraits de dialogues du film de John Huston "Night Of The Iguana" (1964)
selection de disques 45 tours par DJ No Breakfast

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