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Hello there, i've been doing mixes and radioshows for the past 5 years now. I want to thank my fellow listeners, so please post a comment about the radioshows here and send me your mailing address at doyouspeakenglish [at] gmail [dot] com and you will receive a collection of 10 original postcards i've made last year. If you are completly paranoiac and you fear that i send you some anthrax you're just too stupid!
Thanks for listening and stay tuned!
Dj No Breakfast


Jack J said...

Hey there,
I discovered your blog about two years ago and I've certainly enjoyed your Mamie Van Doren shows (etc) all along. I usually download the shows and a couple of them I have even burnt down on cd-r to listen to on my cd player. Keep up the great work. I don't understand French but that doesn't matter, the music in your shows is cool enough.
best regards


I love this blog so much!
Everything here is so unique and fun. wait what? "DJ No Breakfast? " "Do you speak ENglish?" "Far East Nuggets?" ahahha!!!!

It is already so charming. From space fantasy to melody that keep butt and feet busy, the music here is a true beauty. It takes my conscious away for vacations and cups of drinks. Mixes made by deejays with passion and without breakfast.

This blog is such a wonderful gem in this world. I'm happy! Cheers to all these misunderstood stars and infamous masterpieces.

Lots of thanks,
lots of dances,

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying MVDX for a couple years now, I guess, and would love some free postards! I always make sure to post links on FB and Twitter when new shows are posted.

Tactical Grob said...

Mon site prefere pour la musique insolite. Chaque emission est forte appreciee chez moi.

Scapoual said...

This radio show is always a pure delight. Fun, cool and often stupid with a constant high quality of music and samples.
I love you Mamie Van Doren in Xanadu! (Whatever your age)

Mary 'the bitch' Poppins said...