Vernon Lenoir has made a new album!

Dear listeners and crate diggers, here it comes, the new album "the rites of the sausage" by german artist Vernon Lenoir on Ergo Phizmiz's record label Chinstrap Music available for free on Free Music Archive. I am listening to it while writing these lines, so yes i haven't listened to the whole album yet, but i am such a huge fan i couldn't resist to share it with you.

"The very strange, enchanted composer, sampler-meister and fez wearer who goes by the moniker of Vernon Lenoir has spent the best part of the last decade knocking out consistently inventive and entertaining music on some of the world's most delicious netlabels including UpItUp, WM Recordings, and Egotwister. " via Chinstrap Music.




is "Macarena" in "Makar"????? ahahahah!!!!

so entertaining. Thanks for sharing!
I almost forgot about Free Music Archive. Lots of great pieces there.

Denis K. said...

Yes that's the Macarena as far as I know.

Mary 'the bitch' Poppins said...

Thanks so much, I just love Vernon's work!
And thanks for reminding me to visit chinstrap & Ergo, haven't been there for a while...