The Destroyer sings Jingle Bells

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Note from Dick Beyer, a.k.a. The Destroyer and Doctor "X": “I had a great career and if I had a chance, I would do it all over again.


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Thatsnews said...

Wonderful stuff! Great production values and etc., etc,.

Billy Canary said...

True Story: When I was in grade school in the early 60's my dad used to take us to see wrestling on at this dumpy little building on G Street in San Bernardino, SoCal.All the big names would wrestle there: Mr. Moto, Haystack Calhoun, Ricky Starr, and of course The Destroyer. One night I went to the lobby to get some popcorn and The Destroyer was standing next to the popcorn machine (he was wearing his casual mask). The popcorn lady handed me my bag of popcorn and I looked and it was only 3/4 full. The Destroyer saw this and in a really gravelly voice said "Heeyyyyy! Fill the Bag Up!!!" And she did. He was my favorite from that day on.

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Great! Thanks for this precious comment!

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really nice!