Slipper - Attack Of The Killer Lobsters (2006)

Slipper is a schizophrenic selection of soundtracks to films which had never been made !

: Spies

: Moon Trip (unreleased)
Slipper - Attack Of The Killer Lobsters (2006) [YANSR #15]
(Creative Common License)

Keywords: bizarre, exotica, psycho, jazz noir, cinematic, experimental.

Slipper (U.K.) has already made several albums since their first LP Invisible Movies released in 2000 on Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records

Attack Of The Killer Lobsters
is their 5th album, released on
YANSR (You Are Not Stealing Records) " a netlabel from Portugal created by Stealing Orchestra in 2001. The initial idea was to create a way to freely share ep's by the band or sideprojects but soon it expanded to other artist friends. So, you can find records from portugal but also from england, france, canada and what ever comes in. All free with covers, so you can make your own cd. "

Their last album Slipper v.s. Neil Sparkes and The Last Tribe will be out in February 2008 : Loungeclash !

Some .MP3 from unreleased Slipper songs are freely available at Elsewhen Records


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