Los Zafiros - Y ... Sabes Bien

I have already posted this on PCL but considering that i am still constently listening to it, today i feel like re-re-re-posting it here.
Enjoy the latin flavour!
"a unique heady mix of doo-wop, ballads and boleros, soul and samba, tumbaos and twists." (
Thanks to whatsinmyipod music blog you can download The Zafiros - Bossa Cubana compilation.
There is plenty other incredible music from all over the globe to discover on his blog.


The Patriot said...

Are you part of the revolution?

LesTP said...

I also posted a Los Zafiros collection here:

vargas said...

This looks a lot like Radio Obscura which broadcasts from a community radio station in my home town. cool.

darkman said...

Keep it up.

Shaun said...


** Shaun **
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40 Forever said...

Me encanta. Feliz ano nuevo!